Abe and Carrie Kaufman Residence

A dramatic living room fireplace, crystal chandelier, and boxed-beam dining room ceiling are among the original fixtures continuing to decorate the interior of the Abe and Carrie Kaufman residence. Neoclassical, Craftsman, and Victorian detailing combine in this two-and-one-half-story residence, whose exterior ornamentation includes elaborate wooden brackets beneath the eaves, stickwork in the gable ends, lead glass windows, and a large wraparound porch. Abe Kaufman arrived in Great Falls in the 1890s, joining his brother-in-law, merchant Nathan Wertheim, to operate a clothing store on Central Avenue. Among their competitors were Mose Kaufman (no direct relation) and Arge Nathan. All four men were members of an extended network of pioneering Jewish businessmen, whose access to capital and merchandise were instrumental to Montana's commercial development. Great Falls' promising business climate spelled prosperity, and Abe's economic success is evident in this showcase home, constructed in 1906. Arge Nathan's son Robert, who inherited the store his father founded, purchased the residence in 1923 when the Kaufmans moved to San Francisco. He lived here with his family into the 1940s.



617 Fourth Avenue North , Great Falls, Montana ~ private