Union Pacific Generator House, West Yellowstone

The railroad constructed a stone and wood generator house for a gas engine here in 1918. In 1927, that building was remodeled with a new roof, stone corners, and slab siding to blend with the Rustic style architecture of the new dining lodge next door. A diesel engine and generators replaced the gas engine in 1934. These, as well as the electric output control board, remain in place today. In 1941, the Fall River Rural Electric Coop purchased the diesel engine and generating capabilities, allowing twenty-four-hour electrical service to become available to the town for the first time. By 1947, Fall River had extended the power line to West Yellowstone from Idaho. The generating facilities then reverted back to railroad use and backup in case of emergencies.


[Union Pacific Boiler House and Generator House]

[Union Pacific Boiler House and Generator House]

West Yellowstone Historic District West Yellowstone, Montana Gallatin County South elevations - Boiler House (left) Generator House (right) #315 & #316 Photographer: Jerry Kannapinn State Historic Office Photo taken July 1981 (verso) b&w print | Source: Official records of the Montana State Historic Preservation Office, Helena, Montana | Creator: Jerry Kannapinn View File Details Page

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210 Yellowstone Ave, West Yellowstone, Montana [map]

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