A.W. Kingsbury House

Great Falls Northside Residential Historic District

Pictured in 1909 in the Great Falls Tribune under the headline “A Great Falls Residence,” this Queen Anne style house was hardly typical of its day. An imposing two-and-one-half-story structure, the elegant home was built in 1901 for Adkin W. and Margaret Kingsbury and their two children. Constructed on a corner lot purchased for about $1,000, the home features a geometric jumble of rooflines, including a concave bell-shaped roof atop a polygonal tower. A solid decorative eave with paired brackets and a molded frieze extends around the second story. A. W. Kingsbury earned his money in the livestock industry and is credited with bringing the first sheep into Cascade County. He also invested in Great Falls real estate, constructing the first brick building on Central Avenue. An active welfare worker, Margaret Kingsbury helped found Great Falls Associated Charities. The Kingsburys lived here until their deaths, within four months of each other, in 1924. In 1951, the mansion was remodeled into apartments, but its exterior remained intact; it was restored to a single-family residence in 2000.



627 Fourth Avenue North, Great Falls, Montana ~ Private