Brewery Saloon

Kalispell Main Steet Historic District (Addendum and Boundary Increase)

In 1894, the two-year-old Brewery Saloon—then a one-story, twenty-five-by-sixty-foot building—served Kalispell draft beer for five cents a glass. Lunch was free. One of Main Street’s first brick buildings, the saloon featured an oak and mahogany bar, French mirrors, and brass trim. German immigrants Charles and Henry Lindlahr owned the saloon as well as the Kalispell Malting and Brewing Company. In 1900, Charles added a second story to house the exclusive, men-only Kalispell Club. The club offered reception, reading, and billiard rooms. Expansion continued in 1901 with the addition of Kalispell’s first bowling alley and second-floor card rooms and bathrooms. By 1919, James Jorgenson and Albert Dreessen owned the building, which they renamed The Palm. The Palm survived Prohibition by selling fishing and smoking supplies, gifts, candy, lunches, and fountain drinks and by opening the bowling alley once a week to women. In the 1970s, the building was renovated and the exterior was covered with modern metal and brick. Using historic photographs for reference, the original Victorian façade was meticulously reconstructed in 2001. 



102 South Main Street, Kalispell, Montana ~ Private